FOLKTAGLYPHS: Feb 17-18 Philippine Visual Arts Fest 2012 in Angono, Rizal.  
    8th Neo-Angono Public Art Festival

Neo-Angono Public Art Festival

Over the past seven years, Neo- Angono Artists Collective's public art festivals has served as a platform for Angono and Manila-based artists and cultural workers to exchange ideas, propose solutions with the participating public, facilitate a greater cultural dialogue, instigate a cross-pollination ad possibilities of art practices across various art forms, media and languages. This year, in its eighth edition, Neo-Angono presents an unusual and unique version of its annual public art fest with emphasis on recall and perception, homegrown mythologies and folklore. The exploratory aspect of the project transports us to a journey of discoveries and insights, appropriating live interaction and artistically imprinting fragmented imaginaries, in order to create additional layers of reality and visual transformations that define previous traditions as new source of inspiration. The project strikes a very physical relationship with site-based origins like the 'petroglyphs'-- prehistoric site with stone markings. Rarely seen, this "rock art" represents a period, in which the old and new are unearthed in a balance and its resonant cartographies retraced in the cultural territories where they were built and situated. This particular tension, created by the integration of the cultural aspects of the locale, serves as the festival's backbone of narrative. It reminds us of the socially constructed and shifting character of its people responding to the varied folklore mythologies, memories, insights and aspirations. This year, we concentrate on how artists navigate, read and challenge exiting ideas by reading and offering alternative ways of documenting the shifting character of its cultural landscape. complete schedule

  Three interconnecting strands run through the framework of the festival, which embarks on creating a much wider resonance meant to inform and educate ordinary people at how the physical boundaries between reality, mythology and technology are being blurred. These include the following:

TATTOO CONGLOMERATUS. A gathering of Filipino Tattoo Artists in dialogue with the community and people of Angono and also relates to the theme like an amalgamation of culture, the merging of traditions and the fusion of ideas.

CONFERENCE AND SEMINAR. Invited guest anthropologists and local historian serve as speakers and share their insight on local history and the semantic remapping of cultural roots, putting in mind the different perspectives on the landscapes of cultural sustainability.The conference program is a prerequisite to all artist-participants joining the body and skin art-tattoo competitions. The seminar is free and an open dialogue with the public will follow after every speaker.

A cultural tour of Angono for the participating artists is also scheduled in the afternoon.

BODY AND SKIN ART TATTOO ON-SITE COMPETITION This is a contest version themed event that revisits the cultural dead ends and in search of the locales roots and origins. It serves as a lay point in understanding their significance while retaining their metaphorical and poetic resonances. Through contemporary eyes, the artist-participants are encouraged to re-interpret new terrains via the traditional folklore stories and its rich nature of mythologies, and explore the relationships of meaning to reveal the connections between these extended and invisible landscapes.

In fusing these physical visualizations concentrating on the imaginatively positive hymn to life, a multitude of media are deployed and generated through the performative act of tattooing, in which the body itself constitute its continuity as living biographies of hybrid aesthetics. Thus, in reflecting shared domains, localities and spaces that we inhabit, we can see the social underpinnings explored in this archaeological atmosphere like diggings in various site:

On-Site Competition Themes and Categories:

• On-Site Tattoo Competition (B & Grey or Colored) – Theme: Angono's local Folklore and Mythologies (like the Ang Nuno, Sirena ni Berong, Kabalyeros, and other stories)

• On-Site Body Painting (using water based paints) – Theme: Angono's History and Traditions (like the Higantes, Salubong, Pagoda)

• On-Site Henna Skin Art – Theme: Prehistoric images from the Angono Petroglyphs (using hieroglyphics derived from the prehistoric stone markings)

Neo- Angono's Public Art Festival aimed at inspiring people in the community while opening up the idea of participation and giving everyone a chance to be part of its activities. Committed in their way in presenting a new language among the everyday life of people, this year's festival theme acts as both creative art project as well as cultural probe through bodies in motion manifested as contemporary art interspersed into the public realm.

Repeatedly these retelling romanticism challenges the notions of the picturesque, part-rural documentary and part-visual poem. The results chronicle the essence of the place while forming a lyrical meditation in enlightening a glimpse or a reconciliation of the past, present and future—a communal process of translations and remembrance of a rustic past presumed lost.

By acquiring a unique perception and a textured memory of that time, it opens up a re-drawing or re-reading, enhancing innovative ways of looking and exploring, and inspiring creativity across all forms of culture in the formation of our future.