Every year during November, before Angono, Rizal's annual fluvial parade-fiesta, Neo-Angono holds its Public Art Festival. The town's public spaces becomes a venue for exhibits, performances, plays, forums, and concerts.

Since 2004, the Neo-Angono Public Art Festival has been a staging all kinds of art related projects to create new perceptions, which is the true of meaning of Art. It has featured artists like Jun Nishio, Lirio Salvador, Iggy Rodriguez, Oro Artists Guild, Ugat-Lahi Collective, Anino Shadow Play, Pilipinas Street Plan, Lav Diaz, Radio Active Sago Project, The Go Signals, Juan Pablo Dream, Coffee Break Island, The Late Isabel, Infinity and Accident, Bobby Balingit of the Wuds, and many more....
Aside from the public art festival, Neo-Angono also engages in other endeavors such as exhibits, performances, workshops and symposiums the whole year round. Here are some of the documented activities of our members: Errol Balcos residency program in Angono, The National Press Club mural on press freedom, and the no longer existing Hacienda de Angono Bar&Grill.